About GlideX

We make non-stick bakeware for people who want to spend their time cooking and relaxing, not cleaning up afterwards. People who want their non-stick bakeware to be truly non-stick and to last for a long time. GlideX is that bakeware, and it is distinctly different. It’s scratch-resistant, flake-resistant, and virtually indestructible. You can actually feel the difference. All our bakeware is made to the highest manufacturing and environmental standards. You can read more about our green credentials here.

It’s The Coating That Counts

Our non-stick coating is unique, and it’s the coating that sets us apart from the rest of the bakeware out there. GlideX makes it easy for you to cook the perfect cakes, pies and roasts every time. And as for washing up – it’s a breeze with GlideX. You’ll be amazed.

Most branded bakeware has its non-stick coating sprayed on. The sprayed-on coating can flake off easily and is prone to scratching, which causes the non-stick layer to break down. This is why a lot of non-stick bakeware quickly becomes sticky.

But GlideX technology is different: years of research, testing and refinement has led to our unique roller coating process. It ensures the non-stick surface is bonded directly to the bakeware, so it has uniform thickness all over with no weak spots.

We test GlideX products every day in our laboratory, so you can be sure we’re maintaining our high standards.

We’ll go so far as to guarantee the finest results possible for the cook. Your dinners and desserts will glide off the surface and cleaning will be a breeze, which is all you really want from your non-stick bakeware. Isn’t it?

If you’re not satisfied with GlideX, give us a call. Your feedback will help us to keep improving our bakeware.

The Company Behind GlideX

Since 1966, Cooper Coated Coil (the company behind GlideX) has been coating bakeware. In fact, we are the pioneers of pre-coated non-stick bakeware. Our unique coating process has changed the face of non-stick surfaces.

CCC is a UK company and an international specialist in producing pre-coated metals for housewares and consumer products, and you can see our coatings all over the place. From non-stick bakeware to irons and ovens – we’d be surprised if you hadn’t used something we made.

We supply a global network of bakeware manufacturers. In fact, we make enough non-stick material to create more than 40 million pieces of bakeware every year.